Building a Heritage

‚ÄčLighthouse Baptist Church

We have a school program for members of our church. We use Accelerated Christian Education and Saxon Math. We also have a sports program in the school with basketball and volleyball.

Christian School


"...That God in all things may be glorified..." 1 Peter 4:11

Youth Department

‚ÄčThe teens enjoy their own Sunday school class every week during the Sunday school hour. There are also many extra activities for the youth group, such as: youth conferences, camps, teen soul winning, and other teen trips.


Our bus route has been running through the Illinois valley every Sunday for over 25 years. If you would like more information about our bus route, or if you would like to be picked up for church, please Contact us.


There is a ministry for everyone at Lighthouse Baptist Church. During the Sunday school hour, there are classes for everyone of all ages in the family, including the adults.


The Children's ministries of Lighthouse include: Sunday school classes that are divided by age groups, junior church during the morning service, and King's Kids club on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm. There is also a clean nursery available for children under 3 for every service.